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Art After Hours

Our Twilight Art Evenings will rejuvenate your spirit and stimulate your imagination!

Turn your ordinary evenings to extra-ordinary! 

Three hours of self-negotiated art exploration in a fully-featured professional Art Studio and Gallery.

We are the most inspirational Creative Venue in Town!

Embark on a fun, criticism-free adventure from the minute you enter the gallery,
a place of great ambience showcasing striking paintings of prominent artists from around the world.

We are open! It’s all waiting for you…A full-featured professional art studio and gallery with ongoing exhibitions. Canvas, quality acrylic paints, a full range of brushes, sponges, pallet knives and aprons.

Come for a unique setting that serves to motivate and inspire! Relax and enjoy in
a festive, accessible environment for three hours. We offer Creative Sessions for artists at all levels!

You can’t imagine what you are missing if you are missing your imagination!

Just bring your imagination & we provide:
• Canvases (Choose from a wide range of sizes!)
• Acrylic paints
• Mediums
• Brushes
• Equipments
• Free-flowing wine
• Cool Music

art after hours
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