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Artists Biography
Alexander Klimokhin    

Alexandr Klimokhin is one of the leading Russian Artists, enjoying a wide international recognition.
A large collection of his art works have been acquired by three Fine Art Museums in Russia and Italy: “ Museum of Art & History”, named after Byrulin, in Bologna, Italy; “Art Museum of Ivanovo city”, Russia; “Ples State Museum of History & Architecture”, Russia.

Alexandr’s paintings reveal his exceptional depictive skills. His work is remarkable not only by exposing an absolute unconditional professionalism and maturity, but very compelling by the fact that his paintings reveal to the viewer the constant search for new technology and techniques; new meanings; forms; and subjects of the painter.

The dual world of Klimokhin is very rich and slender: where the reality gets interwoven with certainty that slips off; giving us a shadow of the feeling; association… “If it splashes out immediately – the painting succeeded, if not…” This “if not” you will never see in the work of Klimokhin, each of his work exhibited is a pure sensation of the moment with absolute freshness and initial impulse.

His nude series share with you a delicate and feminine, almost mysterious atmosphere with a transparent glaze of eroticism over the paintings.

Russian artist Alexander Klimokhin – sincere and talented master, was born in 1960 in Russia, Ivanovo city. He graduated from the Ivanovo Academy of Fine Arts.
He is a member of the Artists Alliance of Russia (since 1993), member of the International Association of Arts AIAP-UNESCO. In 2008 he was awarded an Honorable Diploma of the Department of the Culture and Cultural Heritage of Ivanovo area "For vast personal contribution to development of the culture and art, worthy presentation of the Ivanovo area on international, republican, and regional exhibition".
He has exhibited his work in numerous National and International exhibitions. His paintings are highly sought after and are owned by museums and fine art collectors in Russia, Europe and India.

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