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Artists Biography
Andrei Gennadiev    

Andrei Gennadiev is undoubtedly one of the most famous and thought after contemporary Russian Artists.

The art of contemporary St. Petersburg artist Andrei Gennadiev blends old Russian traditions with modern twentieth-century expression. Andrei was born in 1947 in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1968 was graduated from the Leningrad Artistic & Pedagogical State Academy. He is a Member of USSR Artist Union since 1978. Since 1990 he is leaving and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Andrei influences in art widely range from iconography of Byzantine art to the metaphysical concepts of those St. Petersburg artists who became known as "The Sankt-Petersburg Group", the most prestigious contemporary artists’ organization.

Metaphysical symbols from a variety of cultures and eras are evident throughout Gennadiev's art. Reaching back to ancient Egypt, the artist uses their astral-occult signs as well as traditional Egyptian forms and colors. Like the fifteen-century Dutch artist Hieronimus Bosch, Gennadiev employs esoteric Christian symbols in his work.

Andrei is an artist who works in multi-media. He is an accomplished painter as well as printmaker who excels in lithography and etching. Based on his personal interpretation of nature he creates finely controlled images.

This complex Russian artist has participated in numerous national & international exhibitions. His works were first introduced in the United States by International Images in 1984. Gennadiev's artworks are in many museum collections. Asked to describe his artistic credo,
Gennadiev explains that "a unity of thoughts, feelings and actions is important".

One has only to observe Gennadiev's works of art to realize how successfully he transforms his underlying philosophy into unique images.

Museum collections of works by A. Gennadiev

• State Library Museum, Moscow (Russia)

• Literary-Memorial Museum of N.V. Gogol, Great Sorochintsy (Russia)

• Gallery of Fine Arts, Lodz (Poland)

• The State Fine Art Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan (Armenia)

• The State Fine Art Gallery, Heidelberg, (Germany)

• The State Fine Art Gallery Tbilisi (Georgia)

• State Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin, Moscow (Russia)

• Regional Art Museum of A. Lunacharsky, Krasnodar (Russia)

• Cremona Fund, Maryland (United States)

• Literary-Memorial Museum of F.M. Dostoyevsky, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

• The Metropolitan Museum. New York (United States)

• Apartment Museum of Pushkin, St. Petersburg (Russia)

• The Museum of Modern Art. Colonies, (West Germany)

• Regional Fine Art Gallery, Vologda (Russia)

• Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Arkhangelsk (Russia)

• Private collection of Peter and Irene Ludwig. Aachen (Germany)

• Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl (Russia)

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