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Boris Anikin    

Boris Anikin, internationally acclaimed Russian Artist with an absolutely unique and distinct painting style.

Anikin was born in St. Petersburg in 1947; graduated from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1974. Boris is a Member of the Russian Artists Union, the country’s most prestigious government artists organization.

Boris Anikin is a profound connoisseur of Russian history and an admirer of modernistic style. He is a remarkable graphic and painting artist. His academic & classical artistic education serves as a solid ground for his fairylike abstract ideas to spill on canvas in an exquisite & unique style. The mystery of his incredibly beautiful, picturesque world on canvas shows his idealistic image of the real world, a world full of dreams, notions, harmony and beauty.
Boris Anikin works on a painting as a jeweler on panes of a diamond. His work is pierced with palace luxury and royal elegance, it is pervaded with bright fantasies from the world of fairy-tale elves. His paintings are light and poetic, compositions are very well balanced and the combination of reality & mystic is captivating.
Boris Anikin took part in numerous Art Exhibitions and Art Book Fairs and Competitions in
Russia and abroad and is a regular participant in the touring Exhibition "Artists of Russia" in the UK.

His rich kaleidoscopic oil paintings and delicate water-colours are in private collections and galleries in Russia, Europe and USA.

• From 1975- participant in annual National USSR Art Exhibitions & Russian Artists Union of USSR exhibitions.
• 1992 exhibition "Unusual paintings on wood”, Moscow, Russia.
• 1993 eternal participant of the annual art fairs in the UK "Artists of Russia".
• 1993 annual world art exhibition of illustrations of English literature at the exhibition hall, Olympia, London, United Kingdom.
• 1993 European Union “Illustration Art book” Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.
• 1994 USSR artists-illustrators exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia.
• 1994 Personal exhibition, "The Eastern Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
• 1995 Group Exhibition, "St. Petersburg School of paintings and drawings" in Germany.
• 1996 "Spring exhibition" and "Autumn art exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia.
• 1997 Exhibition "Blitz" art "in Moscow, Russia.
• 1997 Solo exhibition in Riga, Latvia.
• 1997 Group Exhibition in Gallery "Baren and Bareû”, London, United Kingdom.
• 1998 Christmas exhibition of recent works by artists from Russia and Eastern Europe in the Gallery "Alberti, London.
• 1998 Solo exhibition " IBS ", Moscow.
• 1998 Autumn antiques show in Kensington, London, United Kingdom.
• 1999 Easter exhibition in Gallery "contemporary art" in Chelsea, London,United Kingdom.
• 2000 Christmas exhibition in Gallery "139" in Holland Park, London, United Kingdom.

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