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Artists Biography
Andrey Petruxin    

The aim of creativity – joyfulness

Andrey Petruxin was born in Perm in 1986.
From 2000 to 2002, he studied at the renowned watercolor school of Andriaka.
In 2005 he ranked second in the contest "Modern Capital", organized by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.
In 2008, he graduated with honors from the Moscow State University -faculty of Fine Arts and folk crafts.
During 2007-2011 he taught drawing and painting in Abramcevskom art-industrial College named after M. Vasnetsov.
Andrey Petruxin began to draw & paint from very young age – his early childhood. He achieved high academic qualifications by going through different stages of studies: from the Art Studio to the Academic University. He always aspired to create his own innovative style. According to the artist, he got the greatest boost in his creative development while studying at the private Art Studio under the direction of A. V. Velichko. If the University had given to him significant knowledge in academic art, in these private Studio studies he learned to listen to his own sole and compose his fairy-tales on canvas, the way he always dreamed of…. "Study of the Monumental Art in the University gave me a lot of academic comprehension, but always working & painting within strict reality is quite boring. I began to invent my own worlds, where nothing is impossible (fabulous characters, grotesque & humor). Focusing on the good or bad side of our lives is a choice foreach of us. Contemporary artists are mainly focusing on the negativity surrounding our world: war, ecology, politics, and corruption. In my work I choose other priorities - around us there are so many wonderful aspects: great people, things, and moments. The purpose of my creativity – joyfulness”.
Andrey continues the tradition of monumental art in combination with art deco. Before dealing with canvas, Andrey undergoes a phase of preparation: he formulates the idea of painting and makes a lot of thumbnails sketches, selects the best, collects his material (sketches of some parts of the painting), renders in pencil life-size sketches & creates color sketches, and only then the artist is proceeding to start his work on canvas.
The arena of creative work of Andrei Petruxin is versatile. The artist aesthetically aims to frame his paintings: most of his frames are handmade and often include symbolic – decorative items collected by the artist. He often uses saturated colors, works in stylish "blende”. In addition to painting the young artist is very good at graphic art. Combining pencil drawing with watercolour, Andrey seeks special depth and expressiveness in his works.
Most of his paintings inhabit folklore characters: mermaids, birds – alkonosts. The distinguishing feature of his creativity-the clash of real and fictional worlds. In his works one often sees Kings, Queens and Troubadours. Sometimes the artist appeals to the particular form of painting – deliberate violation of the scale & proportions, where the medieval urban landscape is comparable in size with still-life. Based on the icon painting tradition, which started yet in ancient Egypt, the author shows the greatness of a hero through his size: many times larger than his surroundings and subordinates to him.
One of his themes of creativity - Alkonosts (the bird of happiness and good luck), whom the hunters try to find to obtain life time happiness…Also, it is no coincidence that in many frames of Andrey’s paintings there is a key - symbol of the “golden key” from the doors of lifetime happiness – each & everyone’s dream, but not everybody can get a hold of it.
Oksana Ermolaeva-Vdovenko, art critic,
Member of artists Union of Russia and Moscow Union of Journalists

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