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Artists Biography
Irina Surikova    

Irina Surikova is celebrated as one of the most well-known young artists in Russia. She was selected to the prestigious Union of Arts of Russia at the age of 23, being affirmed to be the youngest talent in the Union. Several of her art works have been acquired by the “Museum of Landscape” in Plios city, Russia. She is also an active member of International Association of Art, one of the most recognized oragnisations for professional artists.

Irina’s paintings reveal her exceptional skills in capturing her subject compositions in her own unique way, in mastering the mixing of colours to create an astonishing spectrum of shades that enables her to powerfully capture light and its reflections and thus create paintings that take one’s breath away.

Irina discovered her passion for visual art, painting in particular, at the very young age of four and has since pursued it keenly over the years. She graduated with honours in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the M.I. Malyutin Art Academy of Ivanovo, Russia.

She has exhibited her work in numerous National exhibitions, including the prestigious “Young Artist of Russia Exhibition” in Moscow featuring the works of only a selected few of the most talented young Russian artists. Irina then moved to Hong Kong, where she achieved international recognition as a successful and truly gifted young artist.

Irina’s works now are highly sought after by serious art collectors.

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