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  Quiet Life of the city by the sea
Red Square Gallery presents the Exhibition of prominent contemporary Russian artist - Vlad Razgulin
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1-Feb-2018 - 1-Apr-2018    
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Participating Artists:
Vladislav Razgulin [ bio ]


Opening Night & Cocktail Reception 1st February, 2018 7:00 pm Opening and cocktail reception
The exhibition-journey is the result of Vladislav Razgulin's creative search, embodied in the picturesque canvases of the last three years. The artist expresses his means about the love of amazing places, places that played a big role in his life and work.

Once arrived from his native Transvolga in St. Petersburg, Vladislav was forever subdued by the beauty and elegance of the northern capital of Russia. Here once his ancestors lived on the maternal line, and here he will find a second homeland. The artist lives by the events and hopes of the city. Spiritual unity, emotional charge, enthusiasm and admiration will sooner or later be reflected in the work of the future artist.

Being the son of artist-painter Viktor Razgulin (now an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts), Vladislav did not immediately follow in the footsteps of his father. At first, there was an architectural faculty, a college for art metal, the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School named after Mukhina, the department "Artistic metal processing". Vladislav Razgulin chooses for a long time between artistic metal and painting, but, nevertheless, the painting will be the beginning to which the searches and searches of the artist are reduced.

Vladislav Razgulin carefully works with the material, feels the form, attentive to the texture. In his work, he refers to the art of European impressionism, modernism and primitivism, but reinterprets through the prism of the traditions of Russian culture. The artist prefers to work with nature. For him, the effects of freshness and ease of work are important, a momentary impression of what he saw. He develops his artistic style, as well as methods of plein air painting. The landscape will become a favourite genre of the artist. The landscape does not distance itself and does not provoke, it is close and understandable to the viewer. The author's paintings are distinguished by intense colours, contrasting spots, acute perception.

From the first creative trip to Gurzuf (Crimea) to the creative dacha of the name of Konstantin Korovin - the famous Russian painter of the early 19th century (known as Villa Salambo), Vladislav Razgulin discovers the Crimean landscape. Crimea, like St. Petersburg, won the artist. Razgulin writes: "I was in Gurzuf - a place of artists prayers." Here he will discover a new world - a contemplative and spiritual world. Crimea - a place so attractive with its history, its nature, its enchanting aura, the place where the artist seeks and finds inspiration for his creativity.

The peninsula of Crimea in the paintings of Vladislav Razgulin is an element of light and colour. The author invites us to an amazing journey that will take us to the quiet quiet life of the old town by the sea, to help enjoy its landscapes, winding streets, endless horizons, steep stairs, coastlines, flowering trees, sunrises and sunsets - all in bright saturated tones , the colors of summer, sun, wind and sea.

Razgulin favourably differs from most of his fellow contemporaries, by the fact that he can not be provoked by the epoch, does not go beyond the scope of plastic searches. Razgulin is traditional. At the heart of his art is a technique that has been tested for centuries. The artist does not strive to impress the viewer with the novelty of the approach, original inventions, he does not care for clever methods of manipulating the audience's attention. Painting Razgulina is valuable. His art is designed for thoughtful contemplation and serves only beauty, so he can not go out of fashion - time works for him. Vlad Razgulin's painting has a great future.

At the moment Vladislav Razgulin member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Participant of numerous city, regional and Russian exhibitions. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Works are in the museum and private collections in Russia.

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